ICCTA Lifelong Learning Award

2004 Recipient

Lester F. Catlin
Moraine Valley Community College

A veteran of World War II, Lester Catlin's family and work responsibilities had prevented him from taking advantage of the G.I. Bill.Then he read inReader's Digestthat education might help stave off Alzheimer's disease.

In 1996, after 50 years of dreaming of a college education, he marched into the halls of Moraine Valley Community College to take a writing class.

Now at age 83, he is pursuing his master's degree in English literature at Governors State University -- and continuing to take classes at Moraine Valley.

Lester F. Catlin is the first recipient of ICCTA's Lifelong Learning Award.
Lester F. Catlin is the first recipient of
ICCTA's new Lifelong Learning Award.


"My only regret is that I didn't start my education sooner," Catlin says. "My thanks to the great staff, teachers, and most of all, my fellow students at Moraine Valley, who helped to get me started down the path to rediscovered youth."