ICCTA, Presidents Council support Gov's FY24 budget proposal

ICCTA/PC joint statement on FY24 budget

ICCTA and the Illinois Council of Community College Presidents have come out strongly in support of Gov. JB Pritzker's Fiscal Year 2024 budget proposal. The request includes one of the largest operating budget increases (7%) for Illinois community colleges in more than two decades.

The Governor's budget proposal would also increase the state’s Monetary Award Program funding by $100 million -- another big step towards ensuring higher education is affordable for students in communities across Illinois, a crucial strategy in the state’s strategic plan for higher education.

“The Illinois Community College Trustees Association thanks Governor Pritzker for not only seeing the value of Illinois community colleges but also boosting investment to reach even more students and give them opportunities that may have previously been out of reach, said ICCTA executive director Jim Reed. "The $100 million proposed funding increase for the state’s Monetary Award Program would make community college free to nearly all Illinois residents at or below the median income level.”

Click HERE to read the ICCTA/PC joint statement

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