ICCTA Gigi Campbell

Student Trustee Excellence Award
2002 Recipient
Wyatt Shelato
Danville Area Community College

At the age of 57, Wyatt Shelato returned to school when many others contemplate retirement. Inspired to run as a write-in candidate for student trustee, she campaigned to raise awareness of the position, resulting in an unprecedented voter turnout. On her second try for office, she out-polled her opponents by a 3-1 margin.

During her two years on the Danville board, she successfully brought attention to such issues as student health insurance, campus safety, and accessibility for students with disabilities. She also secured a student trustee "advisory" vote at board meetings.

ICCTA past president Rich Anderson
(right) congratulates Wyatt Shelato of Danville Area Community College, winner of the 2002 Gigi Campbell Student Trustee Excellence Award.


Danville president Dr. Alice Jacobs notes that "Ms. Shelato has proven to be the most dedicated and committed student trustee that I have worked with as a community college president."

Shelato has also been involved in student governance at the state level, traveling over 3,000 miles to attend meetings. This year she was elected chair of the Illinois Community College Board's Student Advisory Council, where she created three new committees: Awards, Student Issues, and Promise for Illinois. A member of ICCB's Leadership and Core Values Steering Committee, she has been certified as a trainer for the Institute for Global Ethics.