ICCTA Meritorious Service Award

2001 Recipients

Dr. Robert J. English
Board member
Illinois Board of Higher Education

English is no stranger to community colleges. A graduate of Elgin Community College, he served 18 years as a business officer at Triton, Morton, and Joliet colleges.

From 1984 to 1990 English was the inaugural chair of the Prairie State 2000 Authority, which funded many colleges' workforce training programs. In 1989 he was named to the Illinois Board of Higher Education, where he has proven to be an eloquent proponent of community colleges and the "new majority student."

English also represented the higher education community on the Illinois Human Resource Investment Council from 1993 to 2000, serving as its co-chair from 1997 to 2000.

Lucy Sloan
Board member
Illinois Board of Higher Education

A former elementary school teacher, Sloan was appointed to the Illinois Board of Higher Education in 1993. She has chaired its Budget Subcommittee since 1998.

Sloan currently represents the IBHE on a committee analyzing the educational needs of the East St. Louis metropolitan area. The focus will be on the full spectrum of education, from pre-school to postsecondary training.

In addition to her duties with the IBHE, Sloan is a member of the Governor's Committee on the Status of Women in Education Working Group. She also serves as president of the John A. Logan College Foundation.

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