Governor's Action
on Community College Legislation

Summer 2002

SB 1734 -- City Colleges of Chicago Procurement Threshold

This ICCTA initiative amends the Public Community College Act to make the City Colleges of Chicago’s bidding thresholds the same as the state’s other 38 community college districts. It requires the CCC Board of Trustees to let a contract for supplies, materials, or work by competitive bidding if the contract involves an expenditure in excess of $10,000 (instead of $5,000).
Governor's Action: Signed into law as Public Act 92-0713

SB 1686 -- Professional Counselor and Clinical Professional Counselor Licensing Act

This bill would extend the repeal of the Professional Counselor and Clinical Professional Counselor Licensing Act. It also makes changes in provisions concerning definitions, the exemption for students, interns, and residents, unlicensed practice, and qualifications for a license.
Governor's Action: Vetoed by Gov. Ryan

SB 1756 -- Open Meetings Act - Minutes Posted on the Web

ICCTA modified its OPPOSE position on SB 1756 when a 72-hour meeting notice requirement (currently 48 hours) was removed from the bill. The bill now amends the Open Meetings Act to require that a public body post its meeting notices, agendas, and minutes on its website if the public body maintain its own website.
Governor's action: Vetoed by Gov. Ryan

SB 1953 -- Teacher Certification

This bill requires that a student must pass the basic skills test prior to being admitted to a teacher preparation program.
Governor's action: Signed into law as Public Act 92-0734.

HB 1720 -- Collective Bargaining Rights for Part-Time Faculty

Amends the Illinois Educational Labor Relations Act to redefine a "short-term employee." The change -- which provides that the employee must not have a reasonable expectation (instead of a reasonable assurance) that he or she will be rehired -- would permit part-time employees to organize and be recognized as a bargaining unit.
Governor's Action: Signed into law as Public Act 92-0748

HB 2370 -- SURS "30 and Out" Retirement Option

Amends the State Universities Retirement System Act to make permanent a currently temporary "30 and out" retirement provision. This change, which will allow retirement from SURS at any age if the participant has accrued 30 years of service, takes effect immediately.
Governor's action: Signed into law as Public Act 92-0749

HB 3098 -- Written Certification of Open Meeting (Dart)

This Illinois Press Association bill requires that the presiding officer of a closed meeting certify in writing that the session did not violate the Open Meetings Act.
Governor's Action: Amendatorily vetoed February 8 to require that the presiding officer must certify that he or she believes the Open Meetings Act was not violated "only if that is his or her belief." The General Assembly, however, did not vote to accept or override his veto within the time period allowed by the state Constitution, so HB 3098 is now dead.

HB 4351 -- MAP Grants for Part-Time Students

This bill removes a requirement that a student be enrolled for at least 6 semester or quarter hours for the term to maintain eligibility for the Monetary Award Program.
Governor's Action: Signed into law as Public Act 92-0713

HB 4912 -- Minority Teacher Scholarship Program

HB 4912 makes changes to the Minority Teachers of Illinois Scholarship Program, such as allowing a person enrolled at the freshman level or graduate level to qualify for a scholarship, allowing qualifying students to be enrolled on a half-time basis, and requiring a scholarship recipient to begin teaching within the one-year period following termination of the undergraduate program.
Governor's action: Signed into law on August 23

HB 6061 -- Build Illinois / Illinois FIRST Projects

This legislation is the "capital-projects" piece of the FY 2003 State Budget and includes the following items for the Illinois community college system:

  • Illinois Community College Board (statewide improvements) -- $6,071,700
  • ICCB (2nd installment of 5-year building program) -- $50 million
  • Lake Land College (student services building addition) -- $6,721,600
  • William Rainey Harper College (bondable infrastructure improvements) --
  • Lewis and Clark Community College (capital projects at the N.O. Nelson
          Complex) -- $5 million
  • City Colleges of Chicago (one-stop information system) -- $2 million
    Governor's Action: The Governor amendatorily vetoed specific line items related to construction projects at Illinois prisons and mental-health centers that had been previously targeted for closure. The rest of the bill (including all community college capital projects) was signed into law as Public Act 92-0717.

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