ICCTA Action Alert
April 26, 2001

The Illinois General Assembly adjourned this afternoon after a week of second-chamber committee hearings. All legislation that passed out of the house of introduction is now under consideration in second house committees. The deadline for Senate bills to be reported out of House committees is May 3, while the deadline for House bills to be reported out of Senate committees is May 11.

Bills of Interest to Community Colleges That Are Advancing
House Bill 921 -- Interior Design Practice Act Reauthorization (Pankau / Noland)
This bill reauthorizes the Interior Design Practice Act for 10 years until Jan. 1, 2012. The current Act, which sunsets at the end of 2001, was vigorously opposed by architects and others for extending the sunset until 2012. Several community colleges offer programs in interior design. HB 921 passed 9-0 out of the Senate Licensed Activities Committee.

HB 1905 -- Community College Treasurersí Bond Reduction (Wojcik - Wirsing / Cronin)
An ICCTA initiative, this bill would change the required bond for community college treasurers (outside of Chicago) to be the same as the rate for K-12 board treasurers. HB 1905 passed 9-0 out of the Senate Education Committee.

Senate Bill 914 -- ICCB Adult Education Fund (Donahue / Erwin)
This legislation creates the Illinois Community College Board Adult Education Fund and provides that the fund may be used, subject to appropriation, for operational expenses associated with the administration of adult education and literacy activities. SB 914 passed 10-0 out of the House Higher Education Committee.

Retirees Health Insurance Rates Released
The Illinois Department of Central Management Services has released a new rate structure for College Insurance Program premiums that goes into effect on July 1, 2001. Overall rates charged to participating annuitants will increase approximately 14% above current rates. (This premium increase is the smallest seen by any of the health insurance plans that CMS administers; a similar health plan for K-12 teachers will see a 70% increase.) CMS officials met with ICCTA and ICCB staff on April 18 and stated that the increase reflects the actual premium costs associated with the coverage. Annuitant premiums are subsidized from four funding sources, while dependent premiums are not subsidized.

New College Insurance Program Rates
Effective July 1, 2001

Not Medicare Primary                                     Medicare
Under Age 23        Age 23-64        Age 65 and over                      All
   CCHP                              $49.10                    $143.31             $199.55                          $58.03
   Managed Care               $39.94                    $99.85               $136.21                          $44.73

   CCHP                              $196.38                  $526.12             $768.55                          $223.47
   Managed Care               $159.75                  $399.38             $544.84                          $171.91

In addition, the following benefit changes will occur: An annuitantís required hospital co-pay will be reduced by $50, while emergency room co-pays will increase by $50. Prescription drug cards will add a third category of cost for specialized drugs but largely remains unchanged -- $6 for generic, $12 for brand name, and $24 for specialized drugs -- when an individual selects a brand not specifically prescribed by the doctor.

ICCTA Lobby Day is May 9 -- call 1-800-454-2282 to register or sign up on-line here.
For additional information on state legislative issues, contact ICCTA at 1-800-454-2282.

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